Sunday, February 17, 2013

5. "Frankenstein"

5. "Frankenstein"

"Frankenstein" is the nickname given to the nameless creature created by Victor Frankenstein, under the tutelage of his mentor Konrad Dippel.

  Attempting to understand the secrets of life and death, the two scientists assemble the creature from dead bodies and bring him to life through a mixture of electricity, alchemy and the black arts.  When Victor realizes what he has done, he is horrified by the soul-less, undead thing he has created and attempts to destroy it  - but fails.  

Abandoned by his creator, the seemingly deathless creature roams the world, with a bitter and murderous hatred of humanity and the living.  

He spends years plotting revenge, and using guile and brute force, becomes a wealthy recluse.  He acts as a puppet master, controlling events behind the scenes.  

Following the example of his creator, he plots to create his own army of undead creatures who will ultimately destroy humanity - so that he and his "New People" will have the world to themselves.