Sunday, February 17, 2013

SKELETON KEY ~ A Secret History

~ 40 Portraits ~

Presented in no particular order ~
(Or are they?)

Print them out and compile your very own
Secret Dossier of Arcane Knowledge!
(Additional information may be added to each entry as it becomes available.)

1. Super-Enigmatix!

1. Super-Enigmatix!

Ruthless and cunning, Super-Enigmatix is diabolical genius who masterminds monstrous crimes.  His goal is to spread fear and cause chaos and ruin.   
He is a  master of disguise and could be anyone - anywhere at anytime.  
His is true face is unknown. 
He is aided in his villainy by a small army of female commandos. 

Quote:  "Fools!  You cannot escape me!" 

2. Mia Moray

2. Mia Moray

Mia Moray is one of a handful of agents who work for the shadowy figure of the night known as Mr. Ixnay ~ a former member of a network of global assassins who has now sworn to destroy it.

The daughter of Russian circus performers, she is Mr. Ixnay's most trusted agent, brave and loyal.  

During the course of Ixnay's elaborate scheme to destroy his old assassins-for-hire organization, Mia finds she has a soft spot for their chosen patsy, a certain Mr. Broom, and she takes an interest in his welfare.  (See: THE CHUCKLING WHATSIT).

She has a rather heavy accent, which some might consider unfortunate, since she is occasionally called upon to deliver several pages of exposition in an attempt to help shed light on certain convoluted and bewildering scenarios!

3. K. Westree

3. K. Westree

When her missing parents are declared dead, the infant Katherine Westree is taken to an orphanage which turns out to be a front for a gang of criminals known as The Obtainers.  

The children of the orphanage are raised from infancy to be expert thieves, pickpockets and cat burglars. all under the watchful eye of the frightful and sadistic Mother Claude.

Eventually the orphanage is raided and the adolescent K. spends time in a reformatory, where she proves to be a model inmate, working as a counselor for the younger children.

Upon her release she accepts an invitation to visit the Bellsong Academy, a school for young ladies hidden deep in the woods of Northern California.  Once there she finds herself confronted with new mysteries -- and some old ones!  (See CAT BURGLAR BLACK)

Qualities:  fearlessness, skepticism, anger at injustice.

Unusual physical characteristics:  Her hair turned white when she was twelve, a trait inherited from her father's side of the family.

4. Lamb the Toymaker

4. Lamb

Lamb (first name unknown) is an inventor, hobbiest. collector, maker of unusual toys and an avid student of the occult.  

His toy repair shop is located in a section of town where an usually high number of disappearances - as well as an occasional grisly mutilation murder - have been reported.  

He keeps his aged mother securely locked away in her upstairs sewing room.  His father is kept in the basement, in the freezer.


5. "Frankenstein"

5. "Frankenstein"

"Frankenstein" is the nickname given to the nameless creature created by Victor Frankenstein, under the tutelage of his mentor Konrad Dippel.

  Attempting to understand the secrets of life and death, the two scientists assemble the creature from dead bodies and bring him to life through a mixture of electricity, alchemy and the black arts.  When Victor realizes what he has done, he is horrified by the soul-less, undead thing he has created and attempts to destroy it  - but fails.  

Abandoned by his creator, the seemingly deathless creature roams the world, with a bitter and murderous hatred of humanity and the living.  

He spends years plotting revenge, and using guile and brute force, becomes a wealthy recluse.  He acts as a puppet master, controlling events behind the scenes.  

Following the example of his creator, he plots to create his own army of undead creatures who will ultimately destroy humanity - so that he and his "New People" will have the world to themselves.  


6. Nellie Kelly

6. Nellie Kelly

Nellie is a troubled girl who lives in the rundown village of Obidiah's Glen.

After her father, an unsavory scoundrel, attempts to violate the grave of a witch, a series of events transpire leading to the destruction of the town by a supernatural army of zombie clowns.

On her own and in hiding, Nellie gets some assistance from stranded motorist (and "girl detective") Judy Drood, before the witch reappears and offers Nellie the ultimate revenge.